Memorial Day Weekend

Track & Sign Evaluations

The Minnesota Wildlife Tracking Project is delighted to be inviting Daniel Hansche back to the Twin Cities to lead our Spring CyberTracker Track & Sign evaluations over Memorial Day Weekend, 2024.

We will run two evaluations over the holiday weekend. One on Saturday & Sunday (May 25-26), and a second on Monday (Memorial Day) & Tuesday (May 27-28).

Tuition for each evaluation will be $350.

If you would like to participate, please fill out this form to let us know your interest and availability.

Have additional questions? Contact Us.

Registration will open this week for those who have expressed interest.

Daniel Hansche is a wildlife tracker & mentor with over 25 years of field experience. Their work in conservation & education has taken them to wolf dens, elk herds, rhino encounters, & lion trails. They are a Track & Sign Evaluator with Tracker Certification North America and certified in Eurasia & Africa. Daniel has intensively mentored well over 100 wildlife trackers and taught many hundreds through workshops & trainings. Brimming with creativity, their approach to mentoring is unlike any other. Everyone has unique gifts, needs, & styles. One of Daniel’s virtues is in learning, respecting, and serving each student’s needs while tending to a group’s cohesion. After decades in the US, Daniel moved to Germany and founded Spur Wander to further offer high-quality experience & trainings to wildlife trackers worldwide.