Study Buddies Gathering & Potluck

While preparing for the second Minnesota Track & Sign Evaluation in 2018, a couple of trackers decided to host a biweekly gathering over dinner. Each tracker prepared a journal and shared what they had learned, so everyone walked away with more information (and often, even more questions to chew over). It was thoroughly enjoyable. And effective -- all participants received their highest ever score in the May 2018 evaluation.

As we warm up into Spring 2022, we are continuing this tradition with a twist: we're encouraging folks to choose a particular project or emphasis for their exploration and sharing within this group. This might be:

  • Preparing for your next track & sign evaluation

  • Improving trailing skills through post-trailing mapping & journalling

  • Creating track journals to further your general tracking knowledge

  • Developing a scat cookbook with details of diet, digestion, and scat ID for 10-14 species

  • Creating track illustrations for yourself or others to use as in-the-field references

We currently gather for a potluck dinner and sharing journals twice a month, generally on 2nd and 4th Thursdays.

Please email to RSVP & join the email reminder list.

Or feel free to start your own group on a schedule that works for you!

What's a Track Journal?

If you'd like support in getting started, here are a few templates & examples of track journals to guide your exploration:

Pictured: A Ruffed Grouse bird journal from Adrian Iacovino.


A hot-off-the-press bird track illustration from Jon Poppele.

Who's responsible for this?

Edible scat recipes prepared by Kirsten, plus animal diet & behavior information