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Tracking & Bird Language at Outdoor Adventure Expo on Sat, Nov 23

posted Oct 26, 2013, 1:32 PM by Jonathan Poppele   [ updated Oct 26, 2013, 1:37 PM ]
Jonathan Poppele will be presenting two talks at the upcoming Outdoor Adventure Expo, hosted by Midwest Mountaineering and the University of Minnesota. Come hear about how you can get involved in the local nature connection movement through the Minnesota Tracking Club and the new Bird Language Leaders program.

For more information on these talks and on the Outdoor Expo, click here.

Bird Language

BirdLanguageLeaders-194x100.pngSat, Nov. 23, 11:45a.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 104

Interpreting bird language is an ancient art form – one that all our ancestors relied on for their survival.  To the attentive, trained observer, the calls and behaviors of birds gives information about predators and other forces on the landscape.  Many people who study bird language report that learning this ancient and universal language awakens something within them.

Come learn about the fundamentals of bird language and about modern efforts to rekindle and spread this ancient art.

Animal Tracking

Sat, Nov. 23, 2:15p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 104

Tracking is the study and interpretation of the footprints and other signs left behind by animals going about their lives.  Tracking begins with identifying the animal that left the tracks and grows into understanding the intimate details of that animal's life.  For our distant ancestors this was a matter of survival.  For us, tracking is a way to connect deeply with the natural world and learn about the habits whereabouts of species of special interest.

In this session, Jonathan will introduce the fundamentals of tracking and share about opportunities to participate in wolf track surveys in Minnesota and Wisconsin.