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June Tracking Club: Standing Still

posted Jun 3, 2021, 1:22 PM by Jonathan Poppele   [ updated Jun 3, 2021, 1:22 PM ]
Come join us for our next Tracking Excursion at Ft. Snelling State Park: 

Sunday, June 20 
9:00am - 1:00pm

We will gather at the Ft. Snelling State Park visitor center:

Ft. Snelling State Park
101 Snelling Lake Rd
West St Paul, MN 55111

The word "solstice" is Latin for "sun stands still" and refers to the points on the horizon where the sun rises and sets. For a few days around the solstice, the locations of sunrise and sunset slow their northern progression to a standstill before moving south again. The solstice marks the beginning of astronomical summer, when many animal begin to slow their rhythms down from the frenetic pace of spring. We will plan to do the same--taking a cue from the sun by slowing our movement across the landscape to take a long look at the tracks and sing we encounter.

This is an all-weather event and we spend time off trail. Please bring appropriate footwear and dress for several hours outdoors in whatever weather we may have that day.

We will gather at 9:00 outside of the Visitor Center. We will head out on the trail about 9:15 and return to the visitor center to wrap-up and share. If you need to reach us the day of the outing, please call or text Jon's cell phone at 612-388-4700. Note that cell reception is poor in much of the park, and calls do not always come through.

You need a State Park pass to drive to the Visitor Center. The parking lot at the Historic Fort is closed for construction.

RSVPs are encouraged, but not required.

Click Here for Directions

Ft. Snelling Visitor Center