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Village Builder Gatherings: January 4 & 5

posted Dec 4, 2019, 11:36 AM by Jonathan Poppele   [ updated Dec 28, 2019, 12:14 PM ]
As we move into winter, the sun will soon reach its lowest point in the sky. In this time of outer darkness, it is natural to turn toward our own inner light--warming ourselves with our inner fire as we reflect on the seasons gone by and look ahead to what we want to create in the New Year. 

To support us in kicking off 2020, both for ourselves and as a community, the Village Builder team will host two events on the first weekend of the New Year. A Renewal of Creative Path Gathering on Saturday, January 4, and a Minnesota Wildlife Tracking Project 2020 Creation Gathering after Bird Language on Sunday, January 5.

Renewal of Creative Path Potluck & Discussion

Saturday, January 4
2:00 - 9:00pm
Location: Member's Home in St. Paul (TBD)

The Renewal of Creative Path is a process that helps us recognize what supports connection in our lives and align ourselves with our visions, dreams, values and aspirations. Our discussion will follow the prompts offered by Jon Young in this Renewal of Creative Path pamphlet, and will focus primarily on our common interest in nature connection and our collective experience as members of the Minnesota Wildlife Tracking Project. Take some time over the holidays to reflect and journal on each of the prompts, and come prepared to share your experiences, insights and curiosities.

The first part of the discussion will look at the first four steps of Renewal of Creative Path.

Step 1: Review of What Connects us In Our Lives
Step 2: Journaling Obstacles to Connection
Step 3: Tracking Patterns of Synchronicity & the Help of Nature
Step 4: Inventory of Gifts Analysis

We will break for a potluck dinner at about 5:30 pm and visit the last three steps around 6:45 pm.

Step 5: Backtracking the Stepping Stones of Visions & Gifts
Step 6: Releasing Expectations & Offering Forgiveness
Step 7: Weaving the Creative Scene Without Fear!

The conversation will wrap up around 9:00 pm.

In addition to sharing our motivations, aspirations and long term vision of the work we are doing together, our conversation will also lay some groundwork for the Club Creation gathering the following day.

To RSVP Contact Us or email Jonathan Poppele.

Minnesota Wildlife Tracking Project 2020 Creation Gathering

Sunday, January 5
12:30 - 3:00

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center
3815 American Blvd E
Bloomington, MN 55425

Following our first Bird Language program of 2020, we will gather to share highlights from the past year and create what we would like to be up to as a club in the year to come. Everyone is welcome to be part of this conversation as we create our coming year together.

As usual, we will gather over food. Bring your own lunch, or bring dishes to share around. After some sharing and envisioning together, we will divide into small groups to plan and create programs, activities and events for the coming year. To prepare for our conversation, I invite you to reflect on the following questions:
  • What were some of your highlights with the club this past year? What make those moments and those events so special?
  • Are there things we did as a club that you don't feel are worth the energy we are putting in to them?
  • What would you like to see the club offering (or offering more of) in 2020?
  • What would you like to help make happen in 2020? And what support would you like from others in making things happen?
I look forward to visiting, sharing, eating and creating together.

Want to RSVP? Have questions? Can't make the gathering but still want to share your thoughts and reflections? Please Contact Us