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This is Not an Evaluation

posted May 22, 2020, 9:16 PM by Jonathan Poppele   [ updated May 22, 2020, 9:33 PM ]
Over this Memorial Day Weekend, we were scheduled to host Minnesota's first ever Track & Sign Specialist Evaluation. With the eval postponed, we are running "This is Not an Evaluation" in it's place.

This is Not an Evaluation is now live. To view the questions and submit answers, follow this link to the Google Form.

To participate in the Zoom debrief at 4:00 on Sunday afternoon, follow this link.

The questions are rendered in photographs and presented in the style of a CyberTracker Track & Sign Evaluation. In the spirit of the a Specialist Evaluation, most of these questions are roughly comparable to 3-point CyberTracker questions. There are a total of 43 questions, which is about the number that might get asked on the first day of a two-day Track & Sign Evaluation. The questions all come from Ft. Snelling State Park and all of the photographs were taken on Thursday, May 22.

You are welcome to head out to Ft. Snelling and take a look at the questions for yourself. Most of the questions are quite close together, and most should be easily accessible. Depending on rain and changes in water level, everything should look pretty much the same when you read this as it did when the photos were taken.

Please note, however, that the questions are not all marked very clearly. I could not find my flags when I headed to the park to scout--so tracks are marked only with circles and popsicle sticks and some sign are not marked at all. To help you navigate to the questions, I have put together this Google Map, which shows the location of each question to within a few meters. It should be sufficient to find at least most of them.

Please enjoy. And remember, This is Not an Evaluation.